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A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match

The wine pairing is one of the issues that most headaches gives. If the wine we have fits well with the taste of our food or if we have to radically change it. If you want to know some simple wine pairing tricks, in this Wine Tasting post you will learn what is necessary.

Pairing is the art of combining the flavors and sensations of wine with those of food. The idea is to increase the qualities of both and complement each other to obtain the best flavor of both.

For this, we must take into account the flavors that food provides, that is, acidity, salty, sweet or bitter. The temperature of the dish we are eating, the texture … etc. To this, we must add the qualities of wine.

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On many occasions, a wine pairing is carried out by association of color. White wines with heavy whites or red wines with red meats. Another of the most common associations is the taste, as for example, sweet wines with dessert. However, we must remember that the contrasts also work very well. There are no limited formulas. We can play with flavors in multiple ways.

Some of the pairings that you have to remember are these, always bearing in mind that the wine pairing is not a certain science and that the combinations are very diverse.

  • Young and simple white wines: They usually go well with appetizers or light appetizers.
  • More serious or higher quality young white wines: white fish, salads, seafood, soft cheeses.
  • White wines fermented in barrels: strong and cured cheeses, vegetables, white meats and some rice recipes.
  • Rosé wines: vegetables, pastas, rice, soft cheeses, tortillas and some fruits.
  • Cava: This type of wine usually goes well with all kinds of recipes. It is the great joker of wines.
  • Young red wines: charcuterie, semi-cured cheeses, blue fish, roasted white or red meats. It goes very well with fish in sauce.
  • Red aging wine: grilled meats, roasts, cheeses. In short, dishes with more powerful flavor.
  • Generous wines (fine and manzanilla): appetizers, salmorejo, grilled fish, seafood.
  • Sweet wines: fruit desserts, cakes with nuts and custard. It works very well with pâtés and foie.

A very good trick for wine pairings is to think about the ingredients of our dishes and the taste they will have. In addition, it is highly recommended to read the labels of the bottles. In these the experts of the wineries recommend the perfect wine pairings for that type.

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The wine, both red and white or pink, have an optimum temperature to serve. This is the temperature at which the wine is tasted in its entirety and the smell and qualities are more optimal.

On many occasions it is said that red wine must be drunk at room temperature. This is false, since many times this temperature is higher. But not only the topics apply to red wine. Another very typical common belief is that white wine must be cold. If this wine is consumed too cold, it loses all its smell and flavor.

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Therefore, here we show you the ideal temperatures to which you have to drink the wine. In this way, once we have chosen the best wine that complements the dishes we are going to eat, we will be able to taste all its qualities in full.

  • Young white wines: 8º
  • Sweet white wines: between 6 and 8º
  • White wines fermented in barrels: between 10º and 12º
  • Rosé wines and cavas: Like sweet white wines, between 6º and 8º
  • Young red wines: between 12º and 14º
  • Potent red wines: between 14º and 16º
  • Wines with aging: between the 16º and 18º

In this table we will show you the data we have given before in a more orderly way.




Young white wines

Appetizers or light entrees


White wines with more quality

White fish, salads, seafood, soft cheeses


Barrel wines

Cured cheeses, vegetables, white meats and some rice recipes


Rosé wines and cavas

Vegetables, pasta, rice, soft cheeses, tortillas and some fruits. The cava, in addition, usually paired very well with any dish


Young red wines

Charcuterie, semicured cheeses, heavy blue, roasted white or red meats. It goes very well with fish in sauce.


Rearing red wines

Grilled meats, roasts, cheeses


Sweet wines

Fruit desserts, cakes with nuts and pastry cream. Pates and foie

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